Guardians of the Galaxy is the Top Film this Summer

“Guardians of the Galaxy”, produced by Disney, just became the top film this summer as far as summer earnings are concerned. This is buoyed by their strong performance this weekend where it was the best-grossing film. It was a strong performance especially considering the fact that they were up against some stiff competition, including three new releases.

Since the movie was released a month ago in the states, it has grossed close to $252 million. They’ve overtaken other high-grossing movies namely “Transformers: Age of Extinction” which is not far behind with gross sales of $251 million and “Maleficient” with sales of $237 million. It has also outpaced other films namely “X-Men: Days of Future Past”, “Godzilla” and “Neighbors” with their gross sales of $232 million, $201 million and $150 million respectively.

With its gross sales in the US, it’s now tagged as the number 3 movie of the year 2014.

The film started strong, opening with sales of $17.63 million. It narrowly beats cult favorite “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” with its opening of $16.8 million to arrive at a total gross domestic sales of $145.61 million. “If I Stay” is not far behind with a strong opening of $16.36 million. “Let’s Be Cops” and “When the Game Stands Tall” rounds up the top 5 with sales of $11 million and $9 million respectively.

While producers of the top 5 films are pretty happy with the sales figures, producers of “Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill For” were disappointed with a weak opening of just $6.4 million.

Equally impressive is the fact that “Guardians” has grossed close to $500 million around the world since its global release. This figure is expected to increase as the film is set to be released in major markets namely China and Japan. Once the dust has settled, the film is expected to be the best film of the year for Disney.

Rory Bruer, the worldwide distribution president of Sony, is excited about the results. Bruer revealed that the film operated on a moderate budget and it was a welcome surprise that the film is performing solidly in the box office, and has even gotten A ratings from cinemas with very solid exits. Bruer also shared that “people really like the film” and he hinted that the film will be shown on theaters for many more weeks, further increasing the sales figures of the film.

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Pager App

New App Makes House Calls A Button Push Away

A brand new app let’s people summon a medical doctor directly to their house. The app, “Pager” is gaining momentum and charges the user a $300 fee for the visit. The creator of the app, Oscar Salazar, learned the app business as an engineer for the popular Uber app.

The app was initially tested in Manhattan and is now hoping to expand to Boston. With Boston having a higher than normal wait to see a doctor, the Pager app has room to grow.

Using the app is as simple as pie. You open the app, press a button and the nearest physicians that are available appear. You make your choice and within a few minutes your doctor gives you a ring. Insurance is not accepted so if you can’t afford the $300 house call you can settle for the $50 phone consultation.

Following suit with other high brow apps, Pager is currently only available for the iPhone.

This isn’t the first time entrepreneurs have tried to cash in by using technology to service patients directly. Dr. On Demand uses a Skype style app to connect with patients.

Tele-medicine as it’s known, has raised eyebrows in congress and several Senators are looking into expanding federal programs that take advantage of it.

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